Old Jaffa city at full moon night.



Elijah’s chair natural stone formation.

Elijah is one of the most important prophets at judaism but he is also mentioned in Christianity and Islam.

In judaism there is a tradition to make a chair for Elijah at the ceremony of Brit Milah(circumcision) that is believed to be present at every Brit Milah.

Interestingly there is a stone formation at the Mount Meron a very important mountain at Judaism that is called Elijah’s Chair because of it’s appearence.



Church Of Transfiguration

Church of Transfiguration is a beautiful church that located on the top of Tabor Mountain, Israel. Except visiting the church at it’s surroundings you can have a nice round hike at the mountain top. The view is spectacular and the walking is easy.


Acziv rocky beach

Id you visiting Israeli beaches – Achziv should be one to consider. You can chose what you prefer most, beautiful wild beach (no life guard though) or wonderful organized beach at Achziv resort. Eather way you wouldn’t be dissapointed.


Visiting Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park


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“Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park is a national park in central Israel, 13 kilometers from Kiryat Gat, encompassing the ruins of Maresha, one of the important towns of Judah during the time of the First Temple and Beit Guvrin, an important town in the Roman era, when it was known as Eleutheropolis.” (c) Wikipedia. If you love old cities, ruins and most important – caves. This is a place that you defenitely need to visit.

beit_guvrin_stairsStairs leading to cave

The Park is a wide area with different caves and underground living and storage places and some of them you can visit, there is also ruins of the church of St’ Anne on the park area. The trip itself will not take much time but it is indeed a place worth to visit.

beit_guvrin_cave_pigeonsFormation on the wall of a cave that were used as pigeon breeding and resting place

It is a nice family activity to do with children especialy because…

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