Makhtesh Ramon

View fro Mitzpe Ramon to Makhtesh Ramon at sunrise.


Southern Israel – Visiting Makhtesh Ramon.

To the desert we go…

Layue Photography

This weekend we had a really spontaneous night trip to the south. Sitting Friday night thinking about where to go the next day lead to the most spontaneous decision  – we pack our things and drive three hours to the south to the darkest part of Israel – The Negev, in order to see a starry sky. Because it is pretty far away we tried to combine it with something else and what can be better than seeing a sunrise on the Makhtesh Ramon and then visiting a forest that is one hour drive from there to see blooming poppies. 

So here we are, driving to the south, at the middle of the night, roads are empty and it is somehow unexplainable fun to have those kind of night rides. When we arrived at our point – Barak River it was about 4 am at the morning, the place…

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